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* Price for exporting: KT-X18 Foldable Powder Coated Tricycle: USD 251

KT-X19 Foldable Powder Coated Tricycle with Roof: USD 266

KT-X20 Foldable Stainless Steel Tricycle : USD 321

KT-X21 Foldable Stainless Steel Tricycle with roof : USD 334

* Price in Vietnam:

KT-X06 Powder Coated Tricycle: USD 215

KT-X07 Powder Coated Tricycle with Roof: USD 230

KT-X08 Stainless steel Tricycle: USD 288

KT-X09 Stainless steel Tricycle with Roof: USD 301


Powder Coated Three-Wheel Chair KT-X06; with Canopy/Roof KT-X07
Stainless Steel Three-Wheel Chair KT-X08; with Canopy/Roof KT-X09
Foldable Powder Coated Tricycle for Export KT-X18                                Foldable Powder Coated Tricycle for Export with Roof KT-X19

– Adjustable backrest, tilt angle from 900 to 1200
– Overall dimension: Length: 1,750mm, Width: 720mm, Height: 1,000mm, Weight: 38kg
– Seat size: Width: 400mm, Depth: 380mm, High: 650mm
– Frame tube: diameter: 25.4mm, thickness: 11.5mm; Powder coated or stainless steel
– Plastic Roof (KT-X07 & KT-X09); adjustable roof height